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PlumbCORE can certify boilers for rental purposes and provide landlords with a landlord gas certificate. This is a gas safety certificate that shows tenants their landlord has met obligations to ensure all gas appliances in the property are safe to use. A landlord gas certificate is required by law and should be renewed annually.

Air source heat pumps

Choosing to install an air source heat pump within the home will guarantee fuel efficiency and enable you to save money. Air source heat pumps are an excellent replacement option for oil and LPG heating systems, and they are currently supported with generous government incentives.

Ground source heat pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps can help to keep your home warm by capturing heat within the ground. With the use of trenches and boreholes, this reliable and low maintenance technology is highly efficient and can offer customers significant savings on energy bills.

Solar PV

Solar PV is currently one of the simplest options to save money and be kinder to the environment at the same time.

Chat with one of our team to determine the right system to suit your roof type position and budget.


4 benefits of switching to renewable energy

Reduces energy bills
Renewables provide a more efficient and sustainable way to heat and power your home or business.
Reduces carbon footprint
Installing renewable technology within the home can help reduce the government’s target to have 15% of its energy provided from renewable sources.
Government incentives
The government are providing financial incentives to support homeowners and businesses who are seeking a move towards sustainable technology.
Generate your own energy
Instead of relying on overseas supplies of fossil fuels, homeowners and businesses can take more control of their energy supply and avoid future price rises.